Last week I just got few things for free.

– 2 Packages Black Forest Gummy Bears (one package didn’t survive long enough to be on the picture) in Wallgreens. I believe they were $1.50 each

– Marie Callender’s Peach Pie (10 oz) was a Free Friday Download in Ralph’s. Usually $2.99

– Colgate Total Toothpaste (4 oz / 113 g) from CVS $3.99

Possible total $9.98

Total up to date $200.75

One package of gummy bears didn’t survive long enough to take a picture. Children said they were good 🙂

This time only toothpaste will go to the stockpile. Gummy Bears and Pie will be for my children to enjoy.

First of all many deals were the same like previous week, so I already got them before. And second – this time I went to stores Saturday night, last minute, so off course many deals were sold out already. Don’t repeat my mistake and go to get the deals as soon as you find them.

Anyways I think for right now I’m doing quiet well.

What about you? Did you get something for free for your stockpile last week? Do you plan to get something? Tell me in comments.

Feel free to join the Building Stockpile for Free Challenge any time.


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